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Contact Andrew

About Andew

Andrew Shen was created by Andrew Shen, a C/C++ programmer.

I have 10+ web sites in internet and I wrote a php log analyzer to collect the user-agent information from my web log files. provides a user-agent list as used by search-engines crawlers and spiders, Internet browsers, dowload tools, proxy servers, web directories, spambots, etc.. You can query user-agent string on line.

If you have any questions or advices, please send an e-mail to .

Submit your User-agent string

If you are the software author or the user-agent fans and want to submit your user-agent string to, please send an e-mail to , subject with "Submit User-agent String", including following information:

  • The user-agent Category
  • The user-agent name
  • The full user-agent string
  • The site URL of user-agent
  • The screenshot/logo URL of user-agent
  • The organization name
  • The organization URL

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