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Baiduspider User-Agent String


User-Agent NameBaiduspider
User-Agent URL
CategoryRobot, Spider, Crawler
Total Strings3
Last VisitFeb 02, 2013 23:18 PST

All user-agent string from Baiduspider

#User-Agent StringVisit FrequencyLast VisitView
1Baiduspider+(+ 31, 2012 11:55 PDTView Detail
2Baiduspider-image+(+ 27, 2013 22:02 PSTView Detail
3Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Baiduspider/2.0; + 02, 2013 23:18 PSTView Detail

The description about Baiduspider

Baiduspider is a robot of Baidu Chinese search engine.

Baidu (Chinese: 百度; pinyin: Bǎidù) (NASDAQ: BIDU) is the leading Chinese search engine for websites, audio files, and images.

The user-agents of Baidu search engine:

Web searchBaiduspider
Image searchBaiduspider-image
Video searchBaiduspider-video
News searchBaiduspider-news
Favorites searchBaiduspider-favo
Union searchBaiduspider-cpro
Business searchBaiduspider-ads