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User-Agent String List From Browser

The list of Http User-agent string from Browser, including Avant Browser, Beamrise, Firefox 2.0, Firefox 3.0, Firefox 3.5, Firefox 3.6, Firefox 4, Firefox 5, Firefox 6, Firefox 7, Firefox 8, Firefox 9, Google Chrome 0.2, Google Chrome 0.3, Google Chrome 0.4, Google Chrome 1.0, Google Chrome 2.0, Google Chrome 3.0, GreenBrowser, Internet Explorer 5.0, Internet Explorer 5.5, Internet Explorer 6.0, Internet Explorer 7.0, Internet Explorer 8.0, Java VM 1.4, Java VM 1.5, Java VM 1.6, Maxthon, Maxthon 2.0, Minefield 3.0, Minefield 3.1, Minefield 4.0, MyIE2, Opera 1.x, Opera 2.x, Opera 3.x, Opera 4.x, Opera 5.x, Opera 6.x, Opera 7.x, Opera 8.x, Opera 9.0x, Opera 9.1x, Opera 9.2x, Opera 9.5x, Opera 9.6x, Tencent Traveler, Tencent Traveler 4.0, etc..

 User-Agent NameCountCompnay
1Avant Browser18Avant Force
2Beamrise1SIEN S.A.
3Firefox 2.057Mozilla
4Firefox 3.033Mozilla
5Firefox 3.54Mozilla
6Firefox 3.63Mozilla
7Firefox 43Mozilla
8Firefox 53Mozilla
9Firefox 63Mozilla
10Firefox 73Mozilla
11Firefox 83Mozilla
12Firefox 93Mozilla
13Google Chrome 0.214Google Inc.
14Google Chrome 0.310Google Inc.
15Google Chrome 0.46Google Inc.
16Google Chrome 1.012Google Inc.
17Google Chrome 2.010Google Inc.
18Google Chrome 3.012Google Inc.
20Internet Explorer 5.09Microsoft
21Internet Explorer 5.53Microsoft
22Internet Explorer 6.057Microsoft
23Internet Explorer 7.055Microsoft
24Internet Explorer 8.012Microsoft
25Java VM 1.412Sun Microsystems, Inc.
26Java VM 1.513Sun Microsystems, Inc.
27Java VM 1.611Sun Microsystems, Inc.
29Maxthon 2.06Maxthon
30Minefield 3.037Mozilla
31Minefield 3.17Mozilla
32Minefield 4.03Mozilla
34Opera 1.x5Opera
35Opera 2.x6Opera
36Opera 3.x5Opera
37Opera 4.x5Opera
38Opera 5.x9Opera
39Opera 6.x5Opera
40Opera 7.x7Opera
41Opera 8.x9Opera
42Opera 9.0x4Opera
43Opera 9.1x2Opera
44Opera 9.2x43Opera
45Opera 9.5x17Opera
46Opera 9.6x6Opera
47Tencent Traveler27Tencent
48Tencent Traveler 4.018Tencent

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