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Dual Proxy User-Agent String: Dual Proxy

User-Agent NameDual Proxy [1 items]
User-Agent URLN/A
CategoryProxy Server
User-agent StringDual Proxy
Visit Frequency16
First VisitFeb 17, 2008 20:15 PST
First IP202.56.253.179
Last VisitOct 17, 2008 01:26 PDT
Last IP202.56.253.179

Last updated: Nov 28, 2008 00:26 PST    

The description about Dual Proxy

dual proxy is the User-agent used by Starband, a satellite internet service provider, and possibly others as well. It is a by-product of their efforts to minimize satellite-link latency; This can be considerable, since the satellite signal has to travel a distance of 22,300 miles four times (89200 miles) in order for a user to request a page and have it delivered to him. Doing the math, that's 480 milliseconds of latency due to air-travel-time of the signal alone. If each page requests several image elements and other client-side-includes, the latency would be horrible.