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FAST/Vodafone WAP Proxy User-Agent String

FAST/Vodafone WAP Proxy

User-Agent NameFAST/Vodafone WAP Proxy
User-Agent URL
CategoryProxy Server
Total Strings1
Last VisitMar 10, 2008 22:49 PDT

All user-agent string from FAST/Vodafone WAP Proxy

#User-Agent StringVisit FrequencyLast VisitView
1nokia6610I/1.0 (4.10) Profile/MIDP-1.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.0 (FAST/Vodafone WAP Proxy/0.4)17Mar 10, 2008 22:49 PDTView Detail

The description about FAST/Vodafone WAP Proxy

Vodafone GPRS / Wap & MMS proxy.

Vodafone is a mobile network operator headquartered in Berkshire, England, UK. It is the largest mobile telecommunications network company in the world by turnover and has a market value of about £75 billion (August 2008). Vodafone currently has operations in 25 countries and partner networks in a further 42 countries.

The name Vodafone comes from Voice data fone, chosen by the company to "reflect the provision of voice and data services over mobile phones."