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InetURL 1.0 User-Agent String

InetURL 1.0

User-Agent NameInetURL 1.0
User-Agent URL
CategoryDownload Tool, Internet Application
OrganizationNCH Software
Total Strings1
Last VisitDec 31, 2011 06:11 PST

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#User-Agent StringVisit FrequencyLast VisitView
1InetURL:/1.085386Dec 31, 2011 06:11 PSTView Detail

The description about InetURL 1.0

InetURL IVM (phone software) plugin for web server access.

INETURL Accesses an Internet Server (eg. for authorization, information upload etc). Also allows plugins to be run on remote computers via the internet. For example this plugin can be used to access a Mysql database via a PHP script.