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MS Proxy Server User-Agent String: MSProxy/2.0

MS Proxy Server

User-Agent NameMS Proxy Server [1 items]
User-Agent URL
CategoryProxy Server
OrganizationMicrosoft  The city and country location of web
User-agent StringMSProxy/2.0
Visit Frequency33
First VisitJan 16, 2008 21:50 PST
First IP200.182.224.130
Last VisitMar 09, 2010 21:56 PST
Last IP219.238.222.100

Last updated: Dec 01, 2008 17:58 PST    

The description about MS Proxy Server

Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0 performs all of the typical proxy server functions but includes extra functions such as Winsock proxy. Proxy Server 2.0 replaces Winsock on the client machines so that Winsock-based clients (e.g., Windows 95) can use Winsock proxy to enable IP-type access even when the local network protocol is, for example, IPX. You can also use Proxy Server 2.0 to hide your network’s TCP/IP configuration because the software lets you use any TCP/IP address on your Intranet as the only proxy server IP address for use on the Internet.

Proxy Server 2.0 also includes the Socks proxy service for non-Winsock-type clients such as UNIX-based machines

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