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Sogou head spider 3.0 User-Agent String: Sogou head spider/3.0(+

Sogou head spider 3.0

User-Agent NameSogou head spider 3.0 [1 items]
User-Agent URL
CategoryRobot, Spider, Crawler  The city and country location of web
User-agent StringSogou head spider/3.0(+
Visit Frequency9498
First VisitNov 28, 2007 09:19 PST
First IP220.181.19.107
Last VisitNov 18, 2008 17:54 PST
Last IP220.181.19.107

Last updated: Feb 11, 2009 05:32 PST    

The description about Sogou head spider 3.0

Sogou head spider is a robot of Sogou.

Sogou (Chinese:搜狗; Hanyu Pinyin:Sōugǒu) is a Chinese search engine which can search text, images, music, and maps. It was launched 4 August 2004 and is owned by Sohu, Inc., SoGou means "Search Dog" in Chinese.