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User-Agent NameSosospider
User-Agent URL
CategoryRobot, Spider, Crawler
Total Strings1
Last VisitFeb 02, 2013 19:47 PST

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1Sosospider+(+ 02, 2013 19:47 PSTView Detail

The description about Sosospider

Soso (搜搜) is a Chinese search engine owned by Tencent Holdings Limited, which is well known for its other creation QQ.

Tencent, founded in November, 1998, Tencent, Inc. has grown into China's largest and most used Internet service portal. In its ten-year history, Tencent has been able to maintain steady and fast-paced growth by always putting its users first. On June 16th, 2004, Tencent Holdings Limited (SEHK 700) went public on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

How to block Sosospider

Sosospider is a search engine spider, and it obeys the Robot Exclusion standard.

This example indicates that Sosospider should stop visit this site further:

User-agent: Sosospider
Disallow: /

To contact Sosospider, please send e-mail to

The official informaton about Sosospider from

Chinese original information:

  1. 谁需要阅读这部分内容?
  2. 如果您是个人站长或者网站运维人员,在网站访问日志中发现了形如“Sosospider+(+”的agent标识,产生了一些疑问,那么您可以尝试在如下内容中寻找答案。

  3. 什么是sosospider?
  4. Sosospider是搜搜网页搜索引擎的一个自动程序。它访问一个页面,从中找到相关信息并建立索引,使之能被用户搜索到;然后它再沿该页面的所有链接继续访问其他网页。以此类推,直至穷尽。

  5. Sosospider会以什么策略访问我的网站?


  6. Sosospider访问给我的网站造成很大负载怎么办?
  7. sosospider的正常访问并不会对您的网站造成很大负载。如果您发现有名为Sosospider的agent抓取影响了您正常的服务,请尽快和我们联系。您可以将信息反馈至,如果能够提供您网站该时段的访问日志将更加有利于我们的分析。

  8. 我可以拒绝sosospider访问我的站点么?
  9. Sosospider遵循robots协议。该协议的详细信息可以参考英文网站)。注意:禁止sosospider访问您的网站,将使您的网站在搜搜网页搜索引擎中无法被用户搜索到,请慎重使用。

  10. Sosospider在robots.txt中的名字是什么?
  11. “Sosospider”。首字母S大写,其余为小写。

  12. 为什么我的网站已经加了robots.txt,还能在搜搜网页搜索中搜索到?
  13. 在robots.txt中添加了禁止访问的规则后,sosospider即会遵循按规则停止相应的页面/站点抓取。但是,因为搜索引擎索引数据库的索引更新需要时间,所以在二至四周后,这些页面/站点才会从搜搜网页搜索引擎的结果中消失。

Google Translate:

  1. Who needs to read this part?
  2. If you are an individual webmaster or site operation and maintenance personnel, site access log in the form found in "Sosospider + (+" the agent identified, resulting in a number of questions, then You can try the following to find the answer.

  3. What is sosospider?
  4. Sosospider search search web search engine is an automatic process. It accesses a page, to find and index the information so that users can be searched; and then it all along the link to the page continue to access other pages. And so on, until the end.

  5. Sosospider What strategies will visit my site?
  6. For your newly created site link, or continue to update the page, sosospider will continue to crawl. After the initial crawl, sosospider to a certain time (usually several days to one month) another visit to see the page for updates.

  7. Sosospider access to my site how to do create a large load?
  8. sosospider will not have normal access to cause a great load on your site. If you find the agent named Sosospider normal crawling of your service, please contact us as soon as possible. You can feedback to , if the time to offer your site's access log will be more conducive to our analysis.

  9. I can refuse sosospider visit my site it?
  10. Sosospider follow the robots protocol. Details of the agreement refer to (English website). Note: Do not sosospider visit your site, make your site search web search in the search engine users can not be found, please use caution.

  11. Sosospider in the robots.txt in the name?
  12. “Sosospider”。 "Sosospider". S first letter uppercase, rest lowercase.

  13. Why my site has added a robots.txt, but also in the search search search web search?
  14. Add in the robots.txt rules prohibiting access, sosospider that will follow the rules to stop the corresponding page / site crawl. However, because the search engines to index a database index update takes time, so in two to four weeks, these pages / sites will search from the search results pages of search engines disappear.