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User-Agent String List (Page 3/5)

The list of all Http User-agent string (Browsers, Robots, Spliders, Crawlers, Proxy, Download Tools), including link_checker 1.1, LiteFinder 1.0, Maxthon, Maxthon 2.0, Mediapartners-Google, Minefield 3.0, Minefield 3.1, Minefield 4.0, MS Proxy Server, MSN Mobile Proxy, msnbot 1.1, msnbot-media 1.0, msnbot-media 1.1, msnbot/2.0b, MyIE2, nagios-plugins 1.4.x, Opera 1.x, Opera 2.x, Opera 3.x, Opera 4.x, Opera 5.x, Opera 6.x, Opera 7.x, Opera 8.x, Opera 9.0x, etc.

#User-Agent NameCountCategoryCompnay
51link_checker 1.11Link CheckerN/A
52LiteFinder 1.01Robot, Spider,
54Maxthon 2.06BrowserMaxthon
55Mediapartners-Google1Robot, Spider, CrawlerGoogle Inc.
56Minefield 3.037BrowserMozilla
57Minefield 3.17BrowserMozilla
58Minefield 4.03BrowserMozilla
59MS Proxy Server1Proxy ServerMicrosoft
60MSN Mobile Proxy1Proxy ServerMicrosoft
61msnbot 1.11Robot, Spider, CrawlerMicrosoft
62msnbot-media 1.01Robot, Spider, CrawlerMicrosoft
63msnbot-media 1.11Robot, Spider, CrawlerMicrosoft
64msnbot/2.0b2Robot, Spider, CrawlerMicrosoft
66nagios-plugins 1.4.x1Download Tool, Internet ApplicationNagios Plugin Development Team
67Opera 1.x5BrowserOpera
68Opera 2.x6BrowserOpera
69Opera 3.x5BrowserOpera
70Opera 4.x5BrowserOpera
71Opera 5.x9BrowserOpera
72Opera 6.x5BrowserOpera
73Opera 7.x7BrowserOpera
74Opera 8.x9BrowserOpera
75Opera 9.0x4BrowserOpera

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