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User-Agent String List (Page 4/5)

The list of all Http User-agent string (Browsers, Robots, Spliders, Crawlers, Proxy, Download Tools), including Opera 9.1x, Opera 9.2x, Opera 9.5x, Opera 9.6x, OSSProxy, QihooBot, QQDownload 1.7, SCRIPTS.COM Link Verification, SmallProxy, Softonic Link Checker, Sogou head spider 3.0, Sogou web spider 4.0, Sosoimagespider, Sosospider, Speedy Spider, Superdownloads Spiderman, Tencent Traveler, Tencent Traveler 4.0, UGiA CMWAP PROXY, WebAlta Crawler 2.0, Wget, WSN Links, WukongSpider, Xenu Link Sleuth, Yahoo! Slurp, etc.

#User-Agent NameCountCategoryCompnay
76Opera 9.1x2BrowserOpera
77Opera 9.2x43BrowserOpera
78Opera 9.5x17BrowserOpera
79Opera 9.6x6BrowserOpera
80OSSProxy4Proxy ServerMarketscore
81QihooBot3Robot, Spider, CrawlerQihoo
82QQDownload 1.711Download Tool, Internet ApplicationTencent
83SCRIPTS.COM Link Verification1Link CheckerSCRIPTS.COM
85Softonic Link Checker1Link CheckerSoftonic International S.L.
86Sogou head spider 3.01Robot, Spider,
87Sogou web spider 4.01Robot, Spider,
88Sosoimagespider1Robot, Spider, CrawlerTencent
89Sosospider1Robot, Spider, CrawlerTencent
90Speedy Spider2Robot, Spider,
91Superdownloads Spiderman1Robot, Spider, CrawlerSuperdownloads
92Tencent Traveler27BrowserTencent
93Tencent Traveler 4.018BrowserTencent
95WebAlta Crawler 2.01Robot, Spider, CrawlerWebalta
96Wget8Download Tool, Internet
97WSN Links1Link
98WukongSpider1Robot, Spider, CrawlerWuKong
99Xenu Link Sleuth6Link CheckerTilman Hausherr
100Yahoo! Slurp1Robot, Spider, CrawlerYahoo! Inc.

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