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Http User-Agent Resource To Other Sites

This page contains links to other web sites which you might find of interest. If you would like a reciprocal link in our links section, please feel free send a note to us with the URL and description you would like us to place. To create a link from your site to ours, please see our link information page

User-agent Resource

  • User agent - A user agent is the client application used with a particular network protocol..
  • Web crawler - A web crawler (also known as a web spider, web robot, or - especially in the FOAF community—web scutter) is a program or automated script that browses the World Wide Web in a methodical, automated manner
  • - User agent string analysis
  • Firefox Add-ons: User Agent Switcher - Adds a menu and a toolbar button to switch the user agent of the browser
  • Microsoft MSDN: Understanding User-Agent Strings - This topic describes the user-agent string, which identifies your browser and provides certain system details to servers hosting the Web sites you visit...
  • HTTP/1.1: Header Field Definitions - This section defines the syntax and semantics of all standard HTTP/1.1 header fields. For entity-header fields, both sender and recipient refer to either the client or the server, depending on who sends and who receives the entity.
  • WebAIM: History of the browser user-agent string - In the beginning there was NCSA Mosaic, and Mosaic called itself NCSA_Mosaic/2.0 (Windows 3.1), and Mosaic displayed pictures along with text, ...
  • User Agent Strings Referenc - This document is the official Mozilla user-agent string specification
  • IEBlog: The Internet Explorer 8 User-Agent String - When released, the IE8 beta will introduce an updated User-Agent string. For IE8, we’ve simply replaced "MSIE 7.0" with "MSIE 8.0"